BUY-RICOVIR EM / PrEP (Pre – Exposure Prophylaxis)

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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is a tablet you take regularly, which protects you from HIV. If you take PrEP once a day, you can protect yourself  against HIV by around 99%.

Remain HIV Negative and U=U.  Undetectable = UnTransmittable . This could be the generation that controls and eliminates HIV and AIDS for good. 

It is advisable to have STI testing regularly. In addition you should have an HIV test at least every 3 month. Stay safe and healthy.


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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is a tablet you take regularly, which protects you from HIV. If you take PrEP once a day, you can protect yourself  against HIV by around 99%. 

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38 reviews for BUY-RICOVIR EM / PrEP (Pre – Exposure Prophylaxis)

  1. James Caudwell

    Great service. Received my delivery at work within 24hrs by courier. Thankyou

  2. Marcus

    Thanks guys… Got mine delivered to Canary Wharf in less than 15hrs

  3. Peter Keeley

    Truly Wowed!! Got mine too to my office in the City. Well done.

  4. Patrick D

    A big thumbs up to the team. Great comms…..whoopee!

  5. Margot

    Second order and a 10% discount . Thanks Margot.

  6. Douglas

    Finally!! Thank you so much for getting it to me in lightening speed. Anyone reading this should firmly consider
    Very serious in getting things done .

  7. Douglas

    Got it. Thankyou soooooo much xx

    Jason and I are so chuffed.
    Well done to the team.

  8. Douglas

    Thankyou. I’ve just sent you flowers .Hope you enjoy them. The weather here is horrid. X

  9. pjamescowie (verified owner)

    Wow. These guys were recommended to me after I had big problems with another, overseas supplier. Two hours after placing my first order and they had it on my desk at work. Awesome service! It doesn’t get better than that!

  10. Sophia Vergara

    Thankyou to Jason. Outstanding communication and service.Well done!!

  11. Johnny Vaughn

    Excellent!! Honest and simple service. THanks again for the work you do in out community

  12. Johnny Vaughn

    5* service !!!

  13. Johnny Vaughn

    Much better than the usual company I use. Definitely would recommend. Keep up the gr8 work

  14. Simon Druggan (verified owner)

    Thank you very much indeed. I’m very happy for you to use my feedback:

    Many thanks indeed for your excellent service – I am very impressed indeed. I ordered my PrEp on Monday and received it the next day: an amazingly fast service compared to the company I had used previously, which took nearly two weeks. I received two very courteous phone calls from your sales guy: the first to acknowledge my order and let me know when to expect delivery and the second to check I’d received it…………………Your product is very competitively priced anyway, but in view of your vastly superior customer service, your company offers by far the best value for money. I will certainly use you again for my PrEP and would highly recommend to others.

    With kind regards,


  15. Francis Deville


    Wanted to Thankyou for the simple and stress free service you offer. Defo would recommend you to everyone I know in the community. Very polite, professional , and discrete service. Really impressed!

    Thankyou again


  16. Francis Deville

    Very lovely people you are. And so good to have a choice instead of being forced to go with one company based in Thailand. The Thailand based company was useful BUT WELL PAST the monopoly , and their controlling nature. Really disappointed by them. Totally unreliable.
    PREPDIRECT are much better. This is my experience.

    Thankyou XX

  17. Sven

    Well priced.
    Good communication.
    Fast delivery within five days to Germany, despite the weekend in between.

  18. Martin Visnovic

    Thankyou for Fabrice and co to taking the time to keep updating me to the receiving of my order.


  19. Yohan Van Lucas

    Very good Service and communications from the team at
    Merry Xmas to you all!!

  20. Robin

    Bought from Prepdirect before……was sceptical……and didn’t use it….umming and ahhhing but did eventually. Nervous two weeks then had my TDMs at 56Dean St and ALL WAS FINE….GOOD LEVELS AND SAFE….



  21. Richard

    Ordered during the Holiday Season…took longer than advertised. But totally understand. It is the Holiday Season. Thanks Guys!!!

  22. Simon

    These People are the BEST and DEFINITELY worth the wait…..Yes and a bit late over Christmas and New Year. BUT faster than the others and great communications

  23. ronaldo gonzalez

    I am customer for prepdirect. I like this people and delivery very good time. I will recommending Prepdirect for you.
    They very good and fast


  24. Richard Speil

    Awesome..Thanks guys. !!!

  25. Richard Speil

    Love you Fabrice.. Your a star.
    Totally cool that you do what you say. Make it easy to get order to me.


  26. P

    Thankyou! Prepdirect


  27. F.Gonzales

    Superior Service and Superior People.
    Love you guys!!


  28. F.Gonzales

    Hi people at Prepdirect….You are amazing…..and will be telling all my friends

  29. F.Gonzales

    Love you all. Don’t let the horrible stuff get you down. Remember You are the best always

  30. Frank

    Superior, intelligent, caring people at
    Thankyou so much x

  31. James

    simply the best…x

  32. Frank

    I am on holiday in Europe…and the guys at Prepdirect got my order to me so quickly and with the minimum of fuss….pulled out the stops.So impressed!!!…They are the Best

  33. F&J

    Thankyou we have received packages in the Brazil with great haste….and loving your services

    Frederico and Jimmy

  34. Richard

    Love , Love , Love You guys………..Faster and better than those pr***s at Dynamix. They are totally arrogant and rude and the stuff they say about YOU…Totally vindicated. You give a great service .

  35. francine

    I would recommend Prepdirect hands down to anyone that wants a great, reliable and honest service,

    Well done guys….xxx

  36. Roger

    Thankyou Prepdirect
    Received my PrEP right on schedule within 24hrs

  37. Roger

    Most reliable PrEP service and provider hands down. Obviously was nervous and unsure initially. So bought a test pack and it is what it is.

  38. Jean

    Merci beaucoup!!
    Service est excellent!!!


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